We are a group of innovators, on the one hand, related to Polish soil, and on the other connected with the latest technologies. We combined these two things and created the Zbynio app! We wanted to create a simple system for every employer who hires employees. Create something that will improve work in all conditions, recalculate collections, sub-workers, and finally generate a report from the entire workday. Our team has created a system that allows you to focus on what is most important - the running of your business.





Radoslaw grew up on a fruit farm in Poland. This experience involved 4 summer seasons of trading as a wholesaler at a regional overnight wholesale market and 1 summer season of trading as an independent fresh produce retailer (the operation involved working with 3 full-time employees). In addition to trading in Poland, Radoslaw has also supported the reorientation of the family farm to export products abroad. Currently, 95% of the farm’s production goes for export. Radoslaw has an MSc in Supply Chain Management from the University of Kent which involved working on applied projects with managers from Sainsbury’s as well as Gotham & Son, a leading apple and pear grower in Kent. Radoslaw is currently doing a PhD in UCL which is about building next-generation organisational performance analytics tools for the NHS and other similarly large organisations. The PhD involves programming and the creation of code for data analysis with artificial intelligence


Tech lead / programmer

Mark Suliga is a software developer specializing in web technologies and cloud-based systems. He has excellent and long-term experience in the field and has worked over the last decade with some of the leading innovators in the wearable tech industry on a wide range of products from web systems, websites, APIs and mobile apps. He is also a strong tech leader providing the right technical solutions within time scales and budget. Mark gained a BSc in Computer Science in 2005 and since then has been constantly developing new products and skills as a consultant for London-based startups as well as mature companies.


UX designer/ marketing

Katarzyna Suliga Wasielewska is a coach, a UX designer and a marketing specialist. She is a writer and a speaker which helps her to educate people about the products she is working on. Katarzyna holds a Masters degree in Environmental Protection and Education. She also finished a UX school course. Her educational background and coaching experience have helped her build digital products for the market where adaptation of technology is more challenging. She aims to create self-explanatory products that work without a manual.