We start with logging in

After downloading the application from the App Store or the Google Store, you will receive the Customer ID and PIN.

To start the system, enter the received data and click Log in.

You have the main system screen in front of you. You can start to register your employees. Select Employees, and then Add an employee. Enter the name, surname and phone number. This will allow you to quickly contact the employee through the application. By pressing the number you will be able to call him.

Press Save. In this way, you can add more employees.

How do you set up tasks?

Select Tasks and press Add. Choose the name from the list and the unit such as box or bunch.

You can also define the custom name for your task.

Enter the pay rate per unit. Press Save. Add further tasks in the same way.

After registering employees and the tasks with your system, you can start registering jobs completed

Choose a Job - the type of work,  and employee. Enter the amount referring to the previously selected unit and add notes if you want.

Save. Enter further data.

Now you can check the account status (Payments) of each employee, register his payouts or send an e-mail Report of daily or periodic work on your farm.

And everything in one place.